At Maximal Concepts, we are always looking for bright, passionate, eager individuals who are able to play to their independent strengths and apply their skills in a team work-environment. Through regular appraisals and an open-dialogue with managers, we focus on each individual’s personal career growth and ensure that everyone is working at their maximum capability. When we invite someone to join the Maximal Team, we aren’t just offering a job, we are offering a career

If you are interested in joining Maximal Concepts, venues or home office teams, please get in touch.



The Back of House team is the backbone of the business. We are looking for individuals who have an unmatched attention to detail when it comes to food and who have the perseverance to work in a fast paced, high energy work environment.




The Front of House team is the face of our operations. We are looking for personable, energetic, hardworking individuals who love interacting with customers and setting the mood for the restaurant.


Our Beverage team plays on the creative aspect of our company. We are looking for individuals who have an obsessive passion about beverages, who want to purvey their knowledge to our customers through a perfectly matched drink.




Part of what makes Maximal Concepts so special is that everything that we do is done in-house. From the conceptualization of a brand, to building out the restaurant, to choosing the design and the menu, to mapping out the logistics of the operations, to planning the events for the venues, to bringing the restaurant overseas – we can do all of it here from the Maximal Home Office. We bring on the brightest talent that we can find and always strive to be better, every single day.


The Payroll department is in charge of ensuring all employees across the Maximal Concepts group get paid accurately and on time. They will work closely with both the venue managers of the restaurants and with the HR team to ensure that reporting is consistent and mistake free. An eye for detail, great computer skills, thoroughness, consistency and ability to work under time pressure are essential skills to work on this team.

Monthly Payroll
Payraises and Promotions
Final Payment Calculations
Leave Calculations
MPF Reporting
Taxation Reporting


The HR Department ensures that the right employees are joining the company, that their benefits are ensuring exceptional employee performance, that career progression is monitored closely and set as a priority and that the company is operating legally and fairly. Administration is a big part of the HR Team’s responsibilities and the HR team ensures that the Home Office team is communicating well interdepartmentally and running efficiently. As the HR Department takes up many adhoc responsibilities, ability to learn quickly, flexibility, and ability to maintain a fair perspective are important qualities of those who work on this team.

Contract creation and explanation to each employee
Processing of all leave types
Working with venues in staffing and recruitment
Performance markers – promotions, warnings
New hire and termination processing
Visa applications and renewals
Employee benefits
Labour disputes
Volunteer opportunities and team bonding activities
Company documentation, trademarking, insurance
Office administration


The Licensing Department is in charge of ensuring that all the venues are up to standard in regards to the different licensing bodies of Hong Kong. They will act as the liaison between our restaurants and the Restaurant Licensing Department, the Liquor Licensing Board, the Fire Department, FEHD Department and BD Department. Furthermore, the licensing team will ensure that the venues are safe and hygienic and will be the point of contact to work with contractors to get anything fixed. Organization, muti-taking skills and ability to meet deadlines is a must for this department.

Liquor License applications and renewals
Fire Safety, Ventilation, Building Ordinance inspections
Music Licenses
Monitoring hygiene standards and overseeing inspections
Venue security and CCTV
Service contracts and venue maintenance


The Design Team is a portal for all things creative at Maximal. Working closely with all other departments and venues directly to ensure Maximal is always looking at its best. Be it simple items within the venues, advertising that gets pushed out to the world, events thrown to draw attention or exciting new ideas for concepts and collaborations to come.

Maintain printed material within all Maximal Venues. Menus, signage, signboards, flyers, special events, gift vouchers ect
Create advertising material for all Venues. Magazines adverts, online adverts, SEO banners.
Create and maintain all websites for the venues
Create marketing material. Social media – Facebook covers/ instagram and Facebook posts, edms, postal circular flyers.
Create stall graphics for popup events – small to large scale printing and installation projects
Create branding for new projects


(PR, Social Media Marketing, Events Marketing)

The PR and Marketing Team have a diverse range of responsibilities to ensure our venues are always on the top of everyone’s list. Working closely with Media and Press, delivering consistent and eye-catching Social Media and creating new and exciting marketing Events, the team are constantly presenting our new ideas to the public in the most inventive ways possible. The team is made up of creative, dynamic marketing people who also happen to be passionate foodies.Restaurant License applications and renewals
Public Relations

Marketing Campaigns & Communication
Social Media
Events Management
Online Marketing, Strategies and Analysis
Projects Openings
Branding and Visual Identity
Trends Analysis


Our experienced Events team work with clients on every step of the event planning process providing assistance in all private bookings.  From intimate birthday gatherings to corporate cocktail events or large scale media product launches, our specialists understand the needs for all party planning requirements.  The energetic and trendy team also work closely with a wide range or partners to promote the venues.

Event management for all sales events at Maximal venues
Event management for pop-up events
Responsible for the day-to-day management of a portfolio of partnerships in the hospitality, travel, and luxury sectors
Develop and implement promotional strategy with corporate partners


The Development team is responsible for overseeing the full spectrum of any new international project from the very beginning when negotiations start, to the very end when our international location is ready for grand opening. The goal of the team is to maintain the Maximal Concepts’ quality of food & beverage, service standards and guest experience even when our venue is being operated abroad.

Financial Modeling
Contractual Negotiations
Communication with partners on operations, staffing, design, construction
Quarterly food & beverage changes based on the season
Regular updates on staffing and training
Maintaining the Maximal Concept brand


Maximal Concepts thrives on creating new concepts and sustaining existing DNA for each brand under the restaurant group. Similar to what humans carry, our DNA team monitors the growth, development, function and reproduction of each brand of the company. The DNA team must be constantly creative and innovative, obsessively passionate about brand identity, and they must have the most meticulous eye for detail.

Developing new brands
Rebranding and maintenance of current brands
Interior Design
Music and ambience
International maintenance of brand identity


The Accounting team controls all things financial in the group. This team is a machine – day in and day out they work fastidiously to ensure that this business is organized, controlled and making money. An eye for details, the ability to meet deadlines under pressure, and the love for numbers and excel are musts to join the accounting team.

Accounts payable/receivable
Monthly financial reports
Budgeting and forecasting
Cash management
Internal controls
Regulatory compliance
Tax planning


Our IT team may be just as creative as our chefs – turning plain ingredients into a melange of services and technologies which power everything that makes the heart of Maximal Concepts tick.  They are a skilled and resourceful team who ensure that our technology works seamlessly for efficient and secure communication 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Email set up and controls
Web servers and data centers
IT equipment maintenance
Internet controls
Filing systems and cloud storage
Reservation system maintenance


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