The Ethos

All top restaurants are created from 100 small elements that must come together in harmony to create a gastronomic experience that is unique to the establishment and unlike anything previously encountered by the guest.

A great brand offers depth, experience, resonance and soul, revealing itself to you over time while building a relationship with your subconscious.

When we create brands in Hong Kong and beyond, we operate with strong ethical sourcing practices. We go back to the fundamentals of cooking: knowing where your food comes from; understanding and appreciating the story while trying to sustainably source the best flavors to maximise each dish.

We believe that creating memorable dishes relies on more than just sourcing the highest quality ingredients. It also rests on utilising the most innovative techniques, pushing the boundaries of traditional cooking and reinventing food experiences.

Working outside the confines of “normal”, we harness the power of creativity, media, talent, taste and community to push ourselves to break boundaries.

Through careful nourishment, relentless searching and a corporate DNA built on group growth, we have attracted talented individuals, all of whom inspire each other day in, day out to create the best brands out there.

The Brands

The People

Co-Founder, Group Managing Director & Culinary Director


Malcolm Wood is a leading influence in the F&B industry and has been a driver for change in the food and hospitality sector. His passion for design and food led him to co-found the multi award winning Maximal Concepts. He is a passionate social entrepreneur sitting on several charities board of directors including the world renowned production “A Plastic Ocean” which was one of the most awarded documentaries in 2017. Malcolm is also a well-known adventurer, Arcteryx ambassador & athlete and entrepreneur who is accustomed to organising logistics for some of the most intrepid expeditions.

Co-Founder, Group Managing Director


With over 25 years in the F&B industry, Xuan continues to exert his experience and wide ranging skillset over the daily management and operation of Maximal Concepts. From inception of the most creative concepts to flawless execution, he has created and operated some of the most acclaimed lifestyle venues in Hong Kong. Entrepreneur at heart with a genuine hospitality, Xuan strives to build enduring relationships while creating exceptional experiences and rewarding moments for its guests, partners, employees and the communities he serves.

Co-Founder, Director


As a founder of Maximal Concepts, Matt has helped grow and creatively drive the group into one of the most awarded hospitality companies in Asia. As a passionate environmental entreprenuer, Matt sits on several charity boards, including Plastics Oceans Foundation and Hong Kong Shark Foundation. He believes re-purposing the power of business to be the principle driver of change. Harnessing creativity and popular culture, through inspiring and informative content, and amplifying through hyper inter-connectivity is a key philosophy.

The Partners


At Maximal Concepts, we are always looking for bright, passionate, eager individuals who are able to play to their independent strengths and apply their skills in a team work-environment. Through regular appraisals and an open-dialogue with managers, we focus on each individual’s personal career growth and ensure that everyone is working at their maximum capability. When we invite someone to join the Maximal Team, we aren’t just offering a job, we are offering a career

If you are interested in joining Maximal Concepts, venues or home office teams, please get in touch.